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Keys you like or dislike

HS Tech gave me the idea. He wrote about keys and the colors they represent to him. I find it very personal because I would assign different colors to the keys. But there could be a common factor when it comes to the preference for certain keys. For

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40 Replies · Reply by Mike Hewer Sep 25, 2023
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A good title

The title of a composition can be important. It indicates what the composer wanted to express. Although there is quite a bit of swindling going on here. Some titles are only given to a composition later and not even by the composer.I like to play aro

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33 Replies · Reply by Rowy Sep 25, 2023
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Having a good laugh

Recently, we discussed AI music generators. Today, there was an article in a so-called quality newspaper about new developments in AI. I wondered what all the fuss was about, so I had to try it. I had to dry my tears from laughing out loud and now I

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14 Replies · Reply by Rowy Sep 23, 2023
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This Forum

I find this forum a bit confusing. It takes some time to get used to the nerdy approach, although it might just be me. I'm probably not the brightest bulb in this esteemed company, and I hardly dare to complain because Kristofer looks a lot like my o

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58 Replies · Reply by Saul Gefen Sep 21, 2023
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What about AI?

Some composers are facing challenging times. Not me. I don't even write music for the public, and I don't require the income. Since my retirement, I've simply been trying to keep myself busy, especially during the autumn and winter months. I enjoy ri

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22 Replies · Reply by Kristofer Emerig Sep 20, 2023
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Uploading Your Music

For returning and new members:


You can upload music by

1) navigating to the 'Music' page from the navigation bar at the top of the main page

2) create a playlist under the name you use on this forum

3) click the "+add music tab" to upload your tra

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1 Reply · Reply by Rowy Sep 13, 2023
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