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Rowy replied to Rowy's discussion Inspiration is for amateurs
"Once upon a time, composers, like goldsmiths or furniture makers, were simply craftsmen, and they took pride in that distinction. They referred to themselves as masters, but only when they had earned the title. Problems started when these craftsmen…"
11 hours ago
Rowy commented on Jon Corelis's photo
"Caruso. My dad loved singing opera, and he was a huge fan of Caruso. As a child, I watched the movie about Caruso's life, portrayed by Mario Lanza. It was titled 'The Great Caruso.' I vividly recall the scene with 'Ave Maria' sung with the boys'…"
23 hours ago
Rowy posted a discussion
I heard my teacher say that to a student who hadn't completed his assignment (a composition in Dorian mode) for the umpteenth time and this time used 'no inspiration' as an excuse. Inspiration is for amateurs.
Rowy replied to Brandon Schwab's discussion Indigo for Wind Ensemble
"I second that. I was waiting for a clear melody too. When it didn't happen, I got the feeling this was a long intro. However, after a couple of minutes, the composition started to sound like an opening theme for a TV series, followed by the…"
Rowy replied to Dave Dexter's discussion Relics - a fauxbourdon for string quartet
"Very interesting and a very nice sound. To modern ears, this might sound a bit dull, but that is to be expected if you take a dive into medieval harmony."
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Nadia Boulanger
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Rowy replied to Rowy's discussion It's getting busy here
"Who's that ENO everyone is talking about? A bit of a ruffian, eh? Banned from the forum?"
Rowy replied to Rowy's discussion It's getting busy here
"Enjoyable music in a classical style can still have a sophisticated harmony, perfect voice leading and nice 'trouvailles'. I wrote some music for harpsichord in a baroque style, but used a whole tone key at about the middle of the score in one or…"
Rowy replied to Rowy's discussion It's getting busy here
"Yes, but you're not supposed to leave the public behind."
Rowy replied to Rowy's discussion It's getting busy here
"You write music using a pencil and paper. Once you have finished composing, you can use notation software to create a musical score. Composing directly with notation software is not the recommended approach. The speed of notation depends on your…"
Rowy replied to bridget murphy's discussion Exploring the Artistry of Violin Playing: A Journey Through Different Styles
"I was thinking more of David Attenborough.
By the way, if NING wants money for this forum, you could allow paid ads. Everyone is doing it. The ads would be aimed at composers, so we would incidentally encounter some interesting offers."
Rowy replied to HS Teoh's discussion Geometric fugue devices
"As usual, I only understood half of what was said, but it brought back memories of an arrangement I once created for a small barrel organ. I was quite young at the time, barely in my twenties. The organ's owner had asked for a classical arrangement…"
Rowy replied to Rowy's discussion It's getting busy here
"I use imitations in all my works. I try to make listening as easy as possible for the audience. I mean, they might have a difficult job, or a nagging wife, or an abusive husband at home. There's no need to bother them when they're out for the…"
Rowy replied to Rowy's discussion It's getting busy here
"Isn't that a dad joke? Or a pun? Nevertheless, about your reply, I copied that."
Rowy left a comment for Kristofer Emerig
"You should close the membership of Stella Abudheir. It's a scammer."
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Retired, trying to avoid daytime TV.

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  • Do you have anything to elevate my mood, having listened to your Funeral March? ;)
  • Excellent website Rowy. A good resource for beginners wanting to learn theory.
  • Welcome. I assume you're Rowy of Enjoy the forum.
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