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Recently, we discussed AI music generators. Today, there was an article in a so-called quality newspaper about new developments in AI. I wondered what all the fuss was about, so I had to try it. I had to dry my tears from laughing out loud and now I present to you:

The prompt: Write a prelude in the style of Bach's Little Preludes. By Stable Audio. I guess the player was the dog Rowlf from the Muppet Show.


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  • Maybe it was a typo and the prompt was actually "Ferneyhough"?

    ..or Vince Guaraldi having a bad trip?

    • LOL. I had to laugh, because the journalist wrote about AI music as if we're almost there. And then I heard this. It was ridiculous.

      But you're right. If you play this kind of music in a modern concert hall at a concert of 'contemporary' music, the audience will applaud and at least call it 'interesting' or 'refreshing'. That's probably why I never go to a concert. Too many snobs.

  • I'll be honest, I've heard worse on this forum.

  • 🤣

    This is probably confirmation bias, but as I said, AI isn't there yet. By far. There's still a looong way to go.

    • I think it is HS. While the example above is hilarious, I think this is a fairer representation of where AI is today with respect to Bach mimicry, and it's not half bad, tbh:


    • This is not a fair comparison. As the video description itself said, the author hand-picked AI-generated fragments in order to produce the final result.  This is a far cry from the AI writing music from start to finish.

      I remain an AI skeptic, and pathologically skeptical of anything hyped.

  • On a less humorous note, though, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the actual perception of your typical average person on the street when they hear a Bach prelude.

    Food for thought.

    • I had a friend of mine who likes pop music listen to a contrapuntal prelude and than at the AI prelude. After hearing the contrapuntal prelude she said that "nothing much" happens. I realised that she didn't hear the counterpoint but the harmony or "chords".  When she heard the AI prelude she was stunned how bad it was. Even she heard it.

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