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I find this forum a bit confusing. It takes some time to get used to the nerdy approach, although it might just be me. I'm probably not the brightest bulb in this esteemed company, and I hardly dare to complain because Kristofer looks a lot like my o

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58 Replies · Reply by Saul Gefen Sep 21, 2023
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It's getting busy here

Almost 30 members. it's getting busy here. I can't possibly remember all the names, let alone the things they stand for. Maybe I should put their photos on a whiteboard, like detectives do when they're trying to solve a crime. I will make notes like

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40 Replies · Reply by Kristofer Emerig Sep 29, 2023
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Against my better judgement, as fairy tales seem to have become an increasingly regular part of my output,  I decided to try and draw your attention here to my just completed (well, the first draft) Cinderella setting. Normally it's too much to expec

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16 Replies · Reply by David Dec 16, 2023
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A good title

The title of a composition can be important. It indicates what the composer wanted to express. Although there is quite a bit of swindling going on here. Some titles are only given to a composition later and not even by the composer.I like to play aro

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33 Replies · Reply by Rowy Sep 25, 2023
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Serenade for Strings

as this forum seems to have died recently, I feel obliged to post something new. Well actually, it isn't really new but my String Serenade has been redone with a new chamber strings library and for the most part, I like the result. The piece is a bit

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17 Replies · Reply by HS Teoh Jun 19
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Xmas Puzzle

Hey folks, here's a musical puzzle to solve. Listen to the piano music with the score and see if you can guess the very well known Christmas song that is embedded within.  Hint - the tune is not played in a straight forward way.  If you figure it out

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12 Replies · Reply by David Nov 20, 2023
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Keys you like or dislike

HS Tech gave me the idea. He wrote about keys and the colors they represent to him. I find it very personal because I would assign different colors to the keys. But there could be a common factor when it comes to the preference for certain keys. For

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40 Replies · Reply by Mike Hewer Sep 25, 2023
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What about AI?

Some composers are facing challenging times. Not me. I don't even write music for the public, and I don't require the income. Since my retirement, I've simply been trying to keep myself busy, especially during the autumn and winter months. I enjoy ri

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22 Replies · Reply by Kristofer Emerig Sep 20, 2023
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Piano Nocturnes 6-9

I've never bothered putting up my limited forays into solo piano music up on the web before as I was never very happy with my endeavours. And piano music is anyway the most commonly posted form by amateurs. But the latest set of four works seems to m

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14 Replies · Reply by David Apr 8
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