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HS Teoh commented on Kristofer Emerig's blog post Tensor Fugue - an Example for the Unwary Aural Traveler
"Was in the middle of posting and the machine ate my message. Short paraphrase: to be free from tonal hierarchy, get rid of the tone (in the sense of a note with a constant, fixed pitch). Look to human languages for inspiration: "tonal" languages…"
4 hours ago
HS Teoh replied to Rowy's discussion Inspiration is for amateurs
"As someone once said (suitably rephrased),
Skill without inspiration is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Inspiration without skill gives us modern art.
4 hours ago
Grove replied to Rowy's discussion Inspiration is for amateurs
"To me, it needs inspiration with the art of translating the emotional or quasi-emotional into a tangible result that can be communicated (even if to self alone, as if a mini catharsis - it's something you've got out of your system)
Otherwise, what…"
7 hours ago
Jon Corelis posted a photo
Postcard of Carusoca. 1910.A good companion to this picture might be the interesting early Caruso recording from 1903, when he was about 30.  I find this image and recording personally interesting since I have lived in San Francisco:  Caruso was…
11 hours ago
  • Jon Corelis Another biopic about classical music is The Great Waltz (1938,) a not very historically accurate "Hollywoodization" of the life of Johann Strauss.  Cinema historians will be interested in knowing that although Julien Duvivier is credited as…
    3 hours ago
  • Rowy Caruso. My dad loved singing opera, and he was a huge fan of Caruso. As a child, I watched the movie about Caruso's life, portrayed by Mario Lanza. It was titled 'The Great Caruso.' I vividly recall the scene with 'Ave Maria' sung with the boys'…
    10 hours ago
Kristofer Emerig commented on Kristofer Emerig's blog post Tensor Fugue - an Example for the Unwary Aural Traveler
"Thanks Gx. The irony can't be overlooked that an object whose form is governed entirely by explicit functions of time would ultmately evoke the diametrically opposite attributes of indeterminacy, or even stochasticity. Sufficiently obscure…"
11 hours ago
Jon Corelis replied to Rowy's discussion Inspiration is for amateurs
"Inspiration alone isn't enough, but neither is skill alone."
14 hours ago
Jon Corelis replied to Jon Corelis's discussion Ghost
"Thanks for the comment. I'll keep it in mind if I revise the piece in the future."
14 hours ago
Mike Hewer replied to Grove's discussion Introduction...and a wordless song for Mezzo-soprano and Strings.
"Even with a poor samples, I found the work exciting and clearly deeply expressionistic. I've only had the one listen but as you are not soliciting critique I shant delve into the nitty gritty. What formal procedures did you use, presumably serial?…"
16 hours ago
Grove posted a discussion
Just a way of introducing myself. On the old forum I was known as Dane - my stage name for a long time - times that fade increasingly into the past so I'll use my "real name" here (which means having my user id changing if that's possible. This…
16 hours ago
Mike Hewer replied to Rowy's discussion Inspiration is for amateurs
"I agree. Work for inspiration by making the conditions right for it to appear. Do that via technical/exploratory work and open ears."
16 hours ago
Mike Hewer replied to Jon Corelis's discussion Ghost
"It felt too tonal and basic for its subject matter and didn't really paint a picture for my ears Jon. Did you consider a more dissonant or chromatic approach or one that exploited more vivid writing? One thinks of great solo flute pieces like…"
17 hours ago
Rowy posted a discussion
I heard my teacher say that to a student who hadn't completed his assignment (a composition in Dorian mode) for the umpteenth time and this time used 'no inspiration' as an excuse. Inspiration is for amateurs.
17 hours ago
Mike Hewer replied to David's discussion Cinderella
"I've pm'd you on TC."
17 hours ago
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Grove posted a status
Can't sleep. Had a nightmare so decided to stay up for a while, sort some of my music files out.
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  • Ah - HS -a striking resemblance to your image here:)
    I guess Leonardo came up with it first...
    (I assume you don't mean the character in a murder mystery at the turn of the last century)
  • Hmph, the only Stella *I* know is one Mrs Octangula...
  • HS - the reference is "Streetcar named desire".
    Mike further obfuscates by referencing what is probably a good lager;)
  • The only Stella I know is a Ms Artois.
  • Who's Stella and what's this fiasco all about? I feel like I'm being left out. ;-)
  • I was so rattled, I ran into the street and yelled, “Stella!’
  • I thought you might be jealous! Perhaps the bot which is being used can identify admins!
  • I'm a little jealous that Stella didn't send ME a PM, but everyone else!
  • Howdy Michael. I visited your website, Redpil Studio (I did knock). Enjoy us know-it-alls.
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