One of the things that I enjoy doing is taking a brisk piece in 3/4, slowing down the tempo and creating a 4/4 version of it.

I personally feel that this sometimes really brings out the notes of a beautiful melody as the one in the 3/4 minuet from Mozart's Don Giovanni Act 1, which I have rendered as an Andante for violin and piano in 4/4.

I have used just the melody from the Minuet. The lower voices (piano parts) are mine.

There have been a few suggestions on the Mozart Facebook group that the original may not in fact be a composition of Mozart's with one user claiming that it's actually the work of Swedish composer Carl Michael Bellmann who was a contemporary of Mozart's. 

I'm agnostic on the issue of ownership and just love the beautiful melody. 

Link to MuseScore Audio:



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