Xmas Puzzle

Hey folks, here's a musical puzzle to solve. Listen to the piano music with the score and see if you can guess the very well known Christmas song that is embedded within.  Hint - the tune is not played in a straight forward way.  If you figure it out,  please refrain from posting the solution just yet as I will post it before Xmas but do let us know if you've sussed it.

Here's the link to an mp3 and score.....Xmas Puzzle 2023

 The link is good for a week from time of posting. If any of you see this too late, just post here and I'll refresh the link.


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  • We already have one correct answer from John Driscoll. Nice John.

    • ....now we have two correct answers. Well done gregorio.

  • Here's the solution folks, 'The Christmas Song'. Well done John and Greg, the next one will be more difficult to solve if I get the time.


  •  as I've never even heard of this song, it's not surprising I didn't get it......

    • oh David, are you sure you haven't heard this....?


    • yes, I had already tried watching this very video and it rings no bells. And even if I had heard it, the song is so unmemorable, I'd probably have instantly forgotten it frown.


    • and I've decided I can't resist the temptation to put in a puzzle of my own as I failed so miserably with yours.This seasonal song -- my own favourite -- (in my own arrangement) is known by everyone in a certain part of Europe but how many people on this forum (where unsurprisingly the majority of the members are from English-speaking countries) know it?

      a well-known carol in a certain part of the world.mp3


    • That's got me stumped as you surmised, intriguing arrangement though.

    • the sopranos sing the tune which is completely unaltered. Very often, this is actually sung by a solo soprano. I'll give it a day or so out of curiosity in case someone knows it. It's perhaps a bit unfair as the membership here is still growing and.I don't think we so far have anyone from the country of the composer


    • Isn't this what plays when the ring is destroyed in Mordor? 

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