Hey, Stephane Boussuge!

I listened to your prelude in your playlist, but I didn't like it. So I looked you up and found your website, just to be sure I don't like anything you wrote. I like to be thorough. Then I heard your "Ho Chi Minh City for Ensemble". Now THAT I really like. You should put it in your playlist.

Stephane Boussuge

Have you ever been to Ho Chi Minh City?

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  • You give a fellow some attention and then he ignores you; the story of my life. Serious, I sometimes get the feeling that fora like the Composers Forum are just being used to dump some music in the playlist for Google to find and then run for the hills. They should take an example of me. I don't post any music. That's what an honest and responsible composer would do.

    • Probably sending a message would have returned a better chance of acknowledgement. Just posting on the forum won't notify him, and if he's busy he might easily miss it...

This reply was deleted.

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