help with mixing a short piece

Hi there i have to mix this orchestral piece for my uni project. Anyone have any suggestions? Also is there a similar sounding track that I can reference? I'm guessing a chirstmas movie maybe?

Christmas Tune

Also here are the Stems

Any help undersatnd these instrument descriptions would be appreciated too. I undersatnd some basics but still, am pretty new to all this. Really just any help at all would be much appreciated.


Thanks awesome people




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  • Hi Alex,

    In order to truly help you, we would probably need a bit more information. It would be helpful if you could outline the requirements of your university project, as with mixing, there are a ton of variables that will determine how one ought to tailor the mix, alongside personal preferences.

    We really would need to know what the goals of the mix trying to be achieved are; then, more specific advice could be given.

    For example, should this mix be...

    Realistic, as if performed in a concert hall?

    Cinematic, with post-production effects applied that add depth and appeal but are untrue to a mix that presents itself as an accurate representation of a live performance?

    As some very broad advice, to me, the current mix does not give the impression all the instruments are in the same space. The piano and woodwinds have a lot of reverb applied, whereas the strings and harp are very dry and sound as if in a small room. Some of the panning is not ideal for achieving a sense of space or realism - the current panning does not reflect the accurate placement of where the instruments would be on the concert stage.

    Typically when doing a mix, it is a good idea to have a reference mix with similar instrumentation and a similar feel to how you want your mix to emulate. If I were mixing this, I'd probably use something like this below as a reference, with the assumption I want the mix to have a cinematic approach:

    Reference mix idea

    As far as your instrument descriptions, it seems pretty clear-cut to me - the shot of the mixing console you presented here (which seems to be from Logic) just seems to list what each instrument in the mix is - the WD stands for "Woodwind," and the "ST" stands for Strings, describing the instrument family of the orchestra the instrument would belong to.



    • Hi David,

      thank you so much for coming back to on this. Some notes I jotted down during a lecture are as follows:

      "String samples need to sound part of the ambiance. Need to make them sound like they’re all in the same space. Piano is very ambient already. Flute wet - clarinet dry. Create a really nice sounding mix so everything sits well together. Blend ambient string mics with close ones will be a. Challenge as there will be phasing issues. Overall track levels are low so will need to make it sound more substantial. A trick is to use one reverb."

      Here is the Assessment info on our course page:

      "Students will be provided with a group of stems and will be required to produce, mix and master a broadcast-ready stereo file.  

       Students will be assessed on their ability to:

       -  render a convincing and nuanced hybrid orchestral ‘mock up’

      -   provide a broadcast-ready mastered stereo file and appropriate stems

      ·   Demonstrate advanced skills in mixing and mastering music from sampled, electronic and live sources

      I know it seems a bit thin on the ground. I suppose we just have to get it all sitting nicely together so the info you've given is already very helpful to me. Thanks for the link too, i'll take a listen. I have a good referencing plugin that I use in my DAW. 

      I see the strings are seperated into Lows and Highs. Does this mean I should be processing them differently as opposed to just putting them on a bus together?

      thanks again


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