• To be frank, I believe there's room for improvement in your competition entry, particularly in the introduction and conclusion, which, in my opinion, lack inspiration. The initial chords and melody seem somewhat uninspired. Additionally, I suggest focusing on creating movement through harmony rather than relying on percussion layered over it. However, I must admit, it did bring a smile to my face due to its amusing sound. I hope that was the intention.


    • Rowy, thanks for the frank comments. I do appreciate it. I made a number of revisions this past week and updated the file at the link. Cheers, John

  • Just got around to listening to this. Took me the second listen to understand the connection between the music and the picture. My gut feeling is that the intro could be somewhat stronger, or at least have a clearer allusion to the surrounding scenery.  The middle is good, though at times I wasn't sure how to interpret it in terms of what's depicted on the picture.  Overall, a cute little snippet full of fun, I liked it.

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