• Hi Saul-

    A very nice minimal piece, the virtual mock up sounds good. 

    My only gripe is it sounds quite derivative of Arvo Pärt's "Spiegel im Spiegel". 

    What was the thinking behind incorporating the tritone (G to C#) around the 0:22 mark? There were other unusual insertions of these accidentals, such as at 1:23, 3:29, etc. They do add a layer of uncertainty though. 



    • Thank you David.

      Yes I am aware of Part's piece, I think its a beautiful piece. I believe that as long as the melody is uniqe and entirely my own, then that's ok to be inspired by different composers' styles. I think every composer is influenced or inspired by other composers, this is rather elemantry.


      The unusal insertions were done on purpose during the composing I think that they add some color and tension or maybe "uncertainty" as you said.





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