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Does anyone find the font size quite small to read? Even with my glasses on some of it is tricky to read. Also the white font on the grey background doesn't help.

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  • What device are you using to access the site, and what screen resolution?

    • Smartphone, laptop, mac.  I expect there is a setting where I can change the default.

    • I have noticed that the default is 10pt in this reply box.

    • Maybe contact Kris, the site admin, about changing the default font size?


  • Nothing quit4e as difficult as the pale blue on pale grey late in the evening under "warm white" room lighting.

    I don't know if experimenting with the contrast of my monitor which is set for general use would help. I'd need a toggle button to swith between settings if I changed it. Gone are those halcyon days of knobs that changed things real time!

  • The font size can be selected within the response window, like so...and changed "on-the -fly", so to speak.

    The site default setting for body text shows 18pt presently.

  • The first thing I do when I reply is select 14pt from the font size drop down field. I too, find 10pt tasking nowadays, even with readers:)

    • Ivor's comment about colour is valid as well. 

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