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Hey Gang. This is a piece I recorded some time back. It is for a small ensemble: voice, percussion, piano and keyboard. I don't usually have words in my music.  (Discloser) Although a few words may reference a particular geographic area, the words he

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10 Replies · Reply by gregrorio j Oct 19, 2023
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Indigo for Wind Ensemble

I've never worked on a piece of music for as long as i've worked on this. I hope it shows, and I appreciate any and all feedback. The score in the video is still unedited, so apologies for any difficulty reading. I've been a member on the old forum f

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5 Replies · Reply by Rowy Sep 30, 2023
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An SATB acapella setting of Thomas Hardy's poem "The Oxen".

Unfortunately, I only have a tawdry MIDI realization at the moment, but I have been trying this year to find a chorus to record it. 

Hopefully the score will give you enough of a sense of wha

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11 Replies · Reply by Michael Karwowski Sep 25, 2023
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Spring sextet for wind

As we're on the subject of a wind quintet, I thought I might test out the music tab here to see if it works and indeed it seems as if it does!

I wrote a wind sextet (to be found under the Music tab) following on from the inspiration of Janacek's "Mlad

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2 Replies · Reply by David Sep 10, 2023
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Fugue in E minor

I've posted this on the previous version of this forum before, but since all past content appears to have vanished into the ether, I thought I'd repost this to get things started again. Hope that's OK.

This fugue was written in 2021, and has some unco

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1 Reply · Reply by Kristofer Emerig Sep 6, 2023
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