Anyone for some wind band music?

After having posted orchestral works in the year past, I thought perhaps a change-up to band music was appropriate to start the new. The piece is called Triplicity, and as you might expect it is in three movements: 1. Ragtime March, 2. Reflections, 3. A Brisk Walk in the Park. Composed in early 2023.

This is music that "tips its hat" to old military band traditions without being solidly tied to ideas or instrumentation typical of that style. I had been told that my orchestral works would probably never be performed because of forces required, so I decided to try band music. (No, it didn't work, this music hasn't been performed either, although it has been offered.)


Ragtime March - This piece is in typical 2/4 march time, but includes the sharply syncopated rhythms of turn-of-the century ragtime music, making for a somewhat unusual march.

Reflections - By making extensive use of mallet percussion instruments and sustained bell tones throughout the band, this music floats and reflects on itself. Thoughtfulness is embraced.

A Brisk walk in the Park - This is the most traditional sounding movement of the group, a spirited ramble that includes simple melodies used in some unconventional ways.

Comments are sought. Thanks for your time!


PS - Once again, if anyone would like to see a score, I'd be glad to send via email. (PDF)

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