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Fugue in C minor

Oh no, it's that crazy fugue guy again, with yet another of his endless stream of fugues!  Everybody, hide! ;-)

*ahem*... OK, so here it is, another fugue from your resident fugue enthusiast. It has a long-ish subject, and the entire piece lasts for a

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Fugue in C# minor

I don't mean to flood the forum with my own work, but Kris specifically asked for the score to this one, so here it is. Plus midi playback, for your listening convenience, though it is already available under the Music section.  Hope you enjoy listen

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Wild Fugue

Ear rating warning: this piece is highly dissonant, and may cause your ears to bleed and your sensibilities to be wounded. Listen at your own peril!  (Though fortunately, the ordeal only lasts for about 1 minute 32 seconds, so a visit to the hospital

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14 Replies · Reply by Raymond Jacob Nov 4, 2023
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Fugue in G major

Here's another recent work of mine, a lighthearted contrast to the brooding fugue in E minor, this one is full of relentless energy and fun. Perhaps a little too relentless, I've been told.  Pacing is one area I need to work on, in future works. :-D


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Fugue in E minor

I've posted this on the previous version of this forum before, but since all past content appears to have vanished into the ether, I thought I'd repost this to get things started again. Hope that's OK.

This fugue was written in 2021, and has some unco

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