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Fugue in G major

Here's another recent work of mine, a lighthearted contrast to the brooding fugue in E minor, this one is full of relentless energy and fun. Perhaps a little too relentless, I've been told.  Pacing is one area I need to work on, in future works. :-D


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37 Replies · Reply by HS Teoh Dec 13, 2023
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I have been away, and not reading my forums, so I didn't know that this one had disappeared, however briefly. I've been doing some reconnecting and rejoined yesterday. I thought I would post something for you. I recently completed my fourth symphony,

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36 Replies · Reply by David Feb 14
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Fugue in C minor

Oh no, it's that crazy fugue guy again, with yet another of his endless stream of fugues!  Everybody, hide! ;-)

*ahem*... OK, so here it is, another fugue from your resident fugue enthusiast. It has a long-ish subject, and the entire piece lasts for a

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15 Replies · Reply by HS Teoh Dec 21, 2023
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Pi: the first 52 digits

Today is Pi Day, so I thought I could post this old piece of mine from back in 2015. I'd posted it in the old forum, but since that's gone I thought I'd take the liberty to post it again here.

There have been many clever rhymes and other mnemonics for

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19 Replies · Reply by Mike Hewer Mar 21
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Wild Fugue

Ear rating warning: this piece is highly dissonant, and may cause your ears to bleed and your sensibilities to be wounded. Listen at your own peril!  (Though fortunately, the ordeal only lasts for about 1 minute 32 seconds, so a visit to the hospital

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14 Replies · Reply by Raymond Jacob Nov 4, 2023
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Symphony: Solar Maximum

I am new to Composer's Forum and eager to begin to share my work with other musicians. One of my latest pieces is a new five movement symphony based on our sun's current solar maximum. The five movements are titled: Solar Flares, Solar Corona, Solar

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27 Replies · Reply by HS Teoh Dec 21, 2023
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string quartet no. 12

well, I've just completed a new string quartet. The opening movement was marked "dolente" before I even wrote a note, I think and the mood is reflective of the times we live in (as well as one or two personal things), though there is a more lively ce

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15 Replies · Reply by HS Teoh Nov 2, 2023
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Due Ostinati

The genre presented is electronica.

Composing method: Two ostinati were composed and played into a music sequencer. A dozen or so music fragments were composed to be played along with either one or the other ostinati. The composing process included de

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14 Replies · Reply by Raymond Jacob Dec 28, 2023
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Triplets or sextuplets?

Hey everyone, a quick notation query if anyone has any suggestions... one of my pieces has a simple repeated triplet pattern here and there. I beam in 6s but my software groups as 2x triplets, which is technically correct but groups the notes a littl

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18 Replies · Reply by Dave Dexter Feb 10
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An SATB acapella setting of Thomas Hardy's poem "The Oxen".

Unfortunately, I only have a tawdry MIDI realization at the moment, but I have been trying this year to find a chorus to record it. 

Hopefully the score will give you enough of a sense of wha

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12 Replies · Reply by Michael Karwowski Sep 25, 2023
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