Visions in the Fields - A Piece for Piano

Hello! Today I come to the forum with something a bit different than my usual, more large scale entries. A solo piano piece. Somber, certainly not cheery. With a sense of longing. This was made in FL Studio with the (FREE) Spitfire Audio LABS Glass Piano. I have recently been wanting to compose a short piece for piano today I sat down and worked and this is what came out of that session.

I didn't pre-plan the piece and as a matter of fact, was not even at home when I made it to use my keyboard to sort things out. This piece just progressed sort of naturally. Making pieces like this aren't something I do often so I would love some feedback on it! Thanks for the listen and hope you enjoy it! As always, if this piece brings to mind any imagery for you I would love to know what you see when you hear it. I'm a very visual listener, so it's always very cool to hear what other people imagine when listening.

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  • I like the contrast of the tranquility in the foreground with the tension that seems to be lurking in the background. Have you considered adding a string section accompaniment?

    • Thank you so much! I'm glad that feeling came across, as I was hoping for it to! I had thought about doing some more with it, and may make another version featuring some strings. I left them out for this version in aiming to just make something for piano. As it had been a bit since I had.

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