Anyone interested in music for brass quintet?

Here is a piece I wrote back in 2020 for brass quintet: Prelude and Fugue - (real original title, eh?) While I am certainly not a great "contrapuntalist", I did enjoy writing this one! I hope you will enjoy listening to it as well.

Any thoughts! Thanks.


PS - As usual, if anyone would like to see the score, I'd be glad to share it via email.

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  • Did I hear "fugue"? I must listen to this! 😉 Sorry, been meaning to listen to your symphony as well but was busy. Now that you have a fugue I feel obligated to get to this sooner rather than later 😅
  • Been listening to this in a loop as I'm doing a bunch of other tasks. Liked the interesting articulations you put in there, very nice touch!

    If there's one weakness I'd say that the harmony is too static. It seems that you remained in the same key throughout the entire piece, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but then you lose one dimension of interest with which to captivate the audience. Especially in the fugue I'd have added at least a couple of modulations into nearby keys, just to occasionally introduce some harmonic interest to keep up the forward momentum. I'm not a fan of the I-V-I-V pattern of subject entries in fugue expositions (other variations are more interesting IMO), but here it would've helped a lot by naturally incorporating modulations to/from the dominant key.
  • Hello HS Tech-
    Hey, thanks for listening!
    Yes, you are correct, it would have added yet another dimension to the piece and if I write another one of these kinds of pieces I will keep this in mind. In this case, I was more focused on brass dynamics and articulation, especially contrasts in those elements, so missed the boat in modulations. Nevertheless, if I was still performing in a quintet, I'd love to play this!
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