For Mezzo and Orchestra

Been reworking some items in the pending tray.

This is a bit modern. Duration 6 minutes. I was thinking of it opening a suite of 3 pieces for mezzo / orchestra. I'm stuck on a slow movement at the mo - and this is a "style" I've been trying to break from. But what with work, domestic duties, practising instruments and so on, time hasn't allowed me to move on too easily.

Apologies for it being 128kb, the piece tops 7.07Mb at anything higher so it won't even fit at 160kb.

I can't think it'll ever be performed live though I'll look for a slot for this rendering at the local appreciation group.

Any comments on structure, progressions, balance and rendering are sincerely appreciated.

And...should I not be back before, a merry Christmas to you all.

Eat drink and be merry! 

Cantata 5a V2 010322 old now XV 128.mp3

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  • Hi, Ivor - Before the 50” mark brass, susp cym and triangle are too present and it hurts the realism of the rendering. After 50” everything settles into the same space, and the balance and spread of the orch with the mezzo is very good. All fortes and pianos are rendered believable from 50” on. The composition and orchestration is excellent and engaging. The percussion writing is very, very good. However, if your library offers a triangle sound with less clang, maybe try that.

    What you’ve presented sounds operatic and it promises to be a very pleasing through-composed work. I’ll look forward to hearing more as this develops. Merry Christmas. —Ray
    • Raymond, many thanks for your kind comments. I'll have a look at the pre 50sec mark and reconsider the slider positions (and CC dynamics if I have to).

      Interesting (and kind of you) to mention the triangle. It's my fault and I'm never sure of the right db level for it, wanting it to sound among what's going on but not be too intrusive. Looks like it is too intrusive so I can tone that down. (Maybe my ears are going awol!). The sample library offers several alternatives. I combined two to get the timbre so perhaps I need to look at it again.

      Anyway, I'm pleased it made some sort of sense to you and thank you again for listening and commenting.

      Bests, Ivor

      ...and a happy, productive New Year to you, if we don't say hello before!


  • Hi Ivor, do you have a score to share? Or at least the text you are setting?

    • Hello John,

      Indeed I do but it's still 'in process'

      Please bear in mind it still needs to be checked as there may be mistakes / tidy-ups. 

      I call these things cantatas for want of something better. There's no text. I loved the sound of this mezzo voice and it inspired me to write wordlessly for it. 

      Cantata ex5a - XV 211223.pdf

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