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Fugue in C minor

Oh no, it's that crazy fugue guy again, with yet another of his endless stream of fugues!  Everybody, hide! ;-)

*ahem*... OK, so here it is, another fugue from your resident fugue enthusiast. It has a long-ish subject, and the entire piece lasts for a

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15 Replies · Reply by HS Teoh Dec 21, 2023
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string quartet no. 12

well, I've just completed a new string quartet. The opening movement was marked "dolente" before I even wrote a note, I think and the mood is reflective of the times we live in (as well as one or two personal things), though there is a more lively ce

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15 Replies · Reply by HS Teoh Nov 2, 2023
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Hey Gang. This is a piece I recorded some time back. It is for a small ensemble: voice, percussion, piano and keyboard. I don't usually have words in my music.  (Discloser) Although a few words may reference a particular geographic area, the words he

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10 Replies · Reply by gregrorio j Oct 19, 2023
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