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Jim Hughes
  • Male
  • Savannah, GA
  • United States
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  • 1.
    Heros Redemption II
  • 2.
    Fatal Mistake
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Escape Fidelity
  • 5.
    Earth Above
  • 6.
    Do Not Stare Directly Into This Song
  • 7.
    Desert Walk
  • 8.
    Daydreams on a Steamrail
  • 9.
    Creating Air
  • 10.
    City Lights
  • 11.
    Chillout, It'll Be Ok
  • 12.
    Bleeding Heart
  • 13.
    Blankets Of Ash
  • 14.
    Water Pipe
  • 15.
    The Lights Across The Water

Film Scores, Sound-Design, Licensing

-Music-Supervisor for WAP Publishing

-Board of Advisors Global Cultural Diversity Films (GCDF) Inc

-Network Administrator at Independent Media Pros. Hosting a network of over 500 professional composers, sound-designers and engineers and indie bands.

-Artist/composer for Switch Theory Audio Productions. Scoring and sound-design for films, television and gaming.

-Artist/composer for The Scientific Method. Electronic/IDM/Downtempo

-Owner of Audio Evolution Publishing. Independent publishing house for all genres of electronic and indie music.


Personally, my strongest composing work comes when creating dark and dramatic scores for film using various techniques of sound synthesis mixed with orchestra. I work best in the electronic world of music and have 23 years experience with programming synthesizers.


Music-Supervisor at WAP Publishing

June 2011Present (6 months) Greater Atlanta Area

Started by composer Mark Allan wolfe, who was joined later by Jim Hughes, WAP Publishing has quickly grown into an international company that places music for brands, television and mobile media around the globe.

Partial Client List:
Chevrolet, CocaCola, Pepsi, Doritos, LEGO, Mountain Dew, Nokia, American Red Cross, Snuggle, Tropicana, Vaseline, Walmart, Bud Light, Yoplait, AT&T, Best Buy, Chex Mix, Dove, EHarmony, Haagen Dazs, Nature Valley, Renaissance, Visa, Kodak, Vodafone, Philips, Campbell's, McDonalds and many more!

Founder of Independent Media Pros

Partnership; 1-10 employees; Media Production industry

June 2009Present (2 years 6 months)

Independent Media Pros (IMP) was created to enhance the collaborative relationship between the directors and the composers, bands, and sound-designers. Our goal is to support independent artists as well as provide a complete scoring service for any film project. By providing the artist with the best possible exposure to real opportunities and helping the artist connect with other professionals, IMP hopes to create an environment and culture that provides the producer with the best of talent and gives the artist what they deserve. We hope you will join us in building a media community with the knowledge and talent necessary to tackle any project.

Jim has 2 recommendations(1 co-worker, 1 partner) including:

Co-Owner at Switch Theory

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Music industry

May 2009Present (2 years 7 months)

Switch Theory is a full service music production house. The film world is full of traditionalist film composers. Switch Theory is based on the idea that there are so many fresh new approaches to film scoring that are untouched as yet. By switching genres and twisting styles together, our composers are able to create exciting and hauntingly deep emotions. Our objective is to create multi-dimensional sound that is not only heard but felt.

Services Provided:

* music supervision
* original music
* sound-design
* voice-over

Recent Credits:

Moving On (2007) [dance program]
Tinne Man (2007) [film]
Betrayed (2008) [film]
Thicker than Blood (2008) [film]
A Life Less Ordinary (2008) [doc]
Growing Room (2009) [environmental awareness project]
Steal (2009) [film teaser]
Somebody Hit The Lights (2009) [film]
Year Of The Rhinoceros (2009) [film]
The Gaia09 Project (2009) [gui release]
Concealed By Tradition (2009) [film]
The Gaia10 Project (2010) [gui release]

May 2009Present (2 years 7 months)

Audio Evolution is a music publisher and label that focuses
in IDM, Downtempo and Progressive House music.

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Music industry

January 2005Present (6 years 11 months)

See Bio Below~

Jim has 4 recommendations(1 co-worker, 3 partners) including:

  • 1st Casual - T, Musican/Composer/Producer/Engineer, Self Employed
  • 1st Brian Corber, C L O, Soaring High Ent. Co-Op & Angel Ent. Foundation



"Concealed By Tradition"

Concealed By Tradition is an experimental music art film developed by the entire film student body at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, under the direction of film professor Joshua Caraballo.


"Year Of The Rhinoceros"

"Year Of The Rhinoceros" is a drama directed by Joshua Caraballo.


"Tinne Man"

"Tinne Man" is a drama written and directed by Craig Bolt.



"Growing Room"

The Growing Room is a 30 minute film which captures the perceptions of the people who live, work, play and study in the borough of Enfield in north London about the greening of the Hertford Road area. This Perception AREA project is a creative public consultation developed by Haring Woods with artist Karen Lois Whiteread.


"A Life Less Ordinary"

A moving documentary in which students from a learning disability clinic, and their parents, enlighten us with their struggle against dyslexia, ultimately reaching a point where the disorder is no longer a hindrance against their everyday life. - from writer/producer Michael Ciccone



Steal tells the story of an 8 year old girl who befriends a shoplifter. - from writer director Misha Vertkin


"Somebody Hit The Lights"

Profile Information

What have you composed for? Or what medium do you work around?
Film, Web, Multimedia, Orchestra, Songs, Contemporary Ensembles, film, television, web
What is your favorite genre or style of music?
IDM, Progressive, Downtempo
Is music your main income source?
Sort Of - Music Related
Where do you live?
Savannah, GA
About Me (Must include at least one paragraph of biographical information about you as a composer) - blank or minimal answers on this line will cause your request to be rejected. Include a link to your website if you have one.
The Scientific Method is an abstract electronic music project by Savannah, GA based solo artist Jim Hughes. Refusing to be confined by the boundaries of any one niche, one of his unique characteristics is his ability to create very unique sets of instrumentation that can rarely be confined to one genre. While very hard to classify, his music could be compared to respected innovators such as Apparat, Ulrich Schnauss, Burial, Telefon Tel Aviv and Tycho. At the same time avant-garde and addictively catchy, soothing and dissonant, the Scientific Method merges both musical genre and brain hemisphere.

Immersed in music culture since the early age of four and classically trained as a multi-instrumentalist with intensive focuses on drums, clarinet, guitar, bass and vocals, his sound exhibits an interestingly organic quality. His music fuses the classic orchestral vibe with glitch, IDM, and progressive elements that seem to appeal to not only the electronic crowd, but also manages to entice many other types of music fans as well.

The Scientific Method’s first album “Digital Nonsensical” was an attestation of this broad musical training on one hand, and love of all things that make a racket on the other. Continuing the strange evolution of Jim Hughes’ work is the upcoming EP “Fighting Sleep”, his concept album based on the “party until the sun rises, and then party some more” ethos of modern electronic and indie music fans, which is due to be released on March 31, 2012. For more information on The Scientific Method, please visit

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At 1:57am on May 27, 2009, Robert "Robby" Piotrowski said…
many thnx! let's try then your link! i go there! by!
At 7:15am on May 26, 2009, Robert "Robby" Piotrowski said…
hi there! I thnx for ev'rything! i'll try to find someth. for my future! there's no so many people whos want to help on this portal..
At 12:01pm on May 16, 2009, Adrian Ellis said…
Thanks for the props guys - nice work, I'm really digging the Scientific Method stuff. This is a great business to work in with a partner - best of luck!
At 6:20pm on May 13, 2009, Deborah Young said…
Hi again. You wrote to me in one of the forums about I checked it out and read most of the terms and conditions. That's when I became skeptical. I appears to me that Humtoo has a lot more to gain from the agreement than I do. Have you submitted music to the site. If so, how did it go?
At 12:39am on May 3, 2009, Deborah Young said…
Thanks for the heads up on TCC! I joined a couple weeks ago (the free membership). I was very skeptical about paying them!!! I'm interested in film composing but just getting started. At this point I'm planning to marketing music for licensing to films. I have a couple instrumentals in the Music Dissection forum if you want to check them out. I will be back to listen to your music more. I really liked the clip of Heros Redemption (played it twice). Smooth!

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