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I'll start posting the full movements on here eventually, but I've finished (in the protracted finalising of parts and scores now) a large symphonic suite of four tone poems written for the Galilean moons of Jupiter. In a fit of inventiveness I named it "The Galilean Suite".

My mockup for Callisto is being played on KUSC in early May so I invested a little in having an early oboe solo recorded for real to mix in. You might like it, the guy I found (on Fiverr) is a wonderful player.

The orchestral part supporting it is just a single line of trem violins. Very sparse to allow the oboe to come through, and the solo itself establishes the main theme of the piece.

(The full mockups are probably in the related videos, but they've become outdated so please ignore them - the versions I'm posting here soon make better listening.)


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  • It's sounding good, Dave. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the work in its entirety. I've always been impressed by how much life even one live instrument can breathe into a track. It truly makes a world of difference. 

  • lovely oboe sound -- looking forward to more.

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