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The Doll - A Horror Short

Hi all! Today I come with a one minute long horror short that I decided to score! This was completely shot, edited, and scored by me! As well as acted by me also, unfortunately. I don't have a plug in to view the video and score alongside it so cues

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3 Replies · Reply by Layne Lee Feb 15
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Solo for bass oboe

I've had so much trouble and frustration recently attempting an orchestral piece that I gave up. There comes a point where it gets too much. Last time that happened I gave up composing altogether for several years.

So I turned to writing a solo to cle

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3 Replies · Reply by Ivor Feb 14
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Triplets or sextuplets?

Hey everyone, a quick notation query if anyone has any suggestions... one of my pieces has a simple repeated triplet pattern here and there. I beam in 6s but my software groups as 2x triplets, which is technically correct but groups the notes a littl

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18 Replies · Reply by Dave Dexter Feb 10
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