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Due Ostinati

The genre presented is electronica.

Composing method: Two ostinati were composed and played into a music sequencer. A dozen or so music fragments were composed to be played along with either one or the other ostinati. The composing process included de

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14 Replies · Reply by Raymond Jacob Dec 28, 2023
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Timeless - My latest song!

Hello all! Hope this week finds you well. Recently, I was inspired by the incredibly unique soundtrack of Marvel's Loki series. Throughout the soundtrack there are plenty of unique and wacky sounds, but the one sound that has stuck with me most was t

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2 Replies · Reply by Layne Lee Nov 28, 2023
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The Dark Lord Dances

Good afternoon, fellow people of the forum! Today I bring a song I actually made over the past hour and a half. I have titled it "The Dark Lord Dances". In this I really tried to keep things going where normally I incorporate a slower section. While

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5 Replies · Reply by Raymond Jacob Nov 11, 2023
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