• Lovely! Very spontaneous flow of ideas from one to the next without any noticeable seams. The opening sounded almost fugue-like in its counterpoint. :-D (Well not really... probably I've just been listening to too many fugues. :-D)

    I noticed that the tempo gradually accelerated as the piece went on... is this deliberate or was it the unconscious result of the increasing musical tension?

    Anyway I enjoyed this enough to listen to it 3 times in a row.
    • Thanks HS, I really like when a piece has a spontaneous feel and character. About this sounding fugue like well I think it does have some fugue elements but its more free form than that. The Tempi towards the end is an increase to musical tension, I think it makes the piece more exciting.
  • I liked this very much, too. I listened several times last night and today. Besides all the very pleasant characteristics of the music, voicing, pace, the harkening to JS, etc., there is a very definite impression made of a person who is bothered by something but is trying to hide it by projecting otherwise. As time goes on it becomes more of a challenge to keep that up... so comes the sense of accelerated tempo, and a more aggressive posture toward the keyboard as the piece approaches its conclusion. Great flair in the ending.

    I'm impressed that you have lately presented two very different composing personalities. Your recent posts using the EWL vocals are so different, and I've enjoyed those as well. --Ray
    • Thanks Raymond, I really don't know about an impression made of a person who is bothered by something but is trying to hide it by projecting otherwise. I was concentrating on the music on not on anything that is remotely similar to what you described. Glad you enjoyed it though.

  • More Baroque and certainly (even?) more anarchic than is usually the case from you which made this a rather refreshing little ditty.
    • Thanks David, yes this piece clearly has some Baroque elements. I find the G minor key to be the perfect platform to create some Baroque style compositions, I don't know why that is, but for me at least it works very well.


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