• Hi, Saul- man, I enjoyed this. Real snappy allegros surrounding a deep 2nd mov. I liked all the themes, and I must offer special kudos to the development in Mov I and the great keyboard effects in Mov III. I’ll be back for more listens. -Ray
    • Glad you liked it Raymond, Thanks.
  • Very nice! Gotta listen to this again when it's quieter (kids yelling in the background, couldn't really hear the music very well), but from what little I heard, lots of good music here. Will have more comments later when I listen again to this, properly. But in the meantime -- thanks for sharing!
  • Wow, this sonata has a bit of everything in it. A rather Mozartian 1st mvmt, a contemplative 2nd mvmt, and a 3rd mvmt that surprisingly joins the two diverse moods of the preceding mvmts together in a nice bow-and-tie conclusion. There's a lot of Mozartian classicism, a bit of Beethoven, and elements of pop improvisation, with some refreshing surprises in the last mvmt. Lots to like here.

    Structurally I didn't hear too much contrast between sections and themes within each of the first 2 mvmts; it seems to be just one idea spontaneously flowing into the next. While this is wonderful, I somewhat missed larger-scale arcs in the music. Maybe that's just my personal bias, and this wasn't the point of this piece, but being heavily influenced by Beethoven I would've liked this more had there been a clearer large-scale structure within each movement that my ear could latch onto, to know where it is in the piece.

    The last mvmt was great, though: starting with the melancholy of the 2nd mvmt, which was somewhat of a surprise given the overall Mozartian flavor, it led into surprisingly deep, expressive music than one would expect in a final movement. Then there was a sudden twist with a virtuosic flair, and we're back to the lighthearted thrill of the 1st mvmt and charging headlong into a nice conclusion. Not quite a rondo or sonata-rondo type structure one would expect in a classical-era idiom, but it works quite well IMO to tie the first two mvmts together in a nice package. I quite liked this approach to concluding this enjoyable work, and found it quite effective.

    Thanks for sharing!
    • Thanks for your comments Teoh, I wasn't really thinking too much about form when I was composing this Sonata. It is more about finding the right melodies and connecting everything in a way that works well, as if one part grows out from the other in a natural manner. You're right to say that it has a Mozartian flavor, and also some Beethoven, but not really sure about the Pop Improvisation, though I can understand why you might think so, it does need have a spontaneous feel, which was done on purpose.

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