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Triplets or sextuplets?

Hey everyone, a quick notation query if anyone has any suggestions... one of my pieces has a simple repeated triplet pattern here and there. I beam in 6s but my software groups as 2x triplets, which is technically correct but groups the notes a littl

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18 Replies · Reply by Dave Dexter Feb 10
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Mixed Media Anthology

Hi! I am a junor in highschool and I am working on a piano piece for a mixed media anthology! I am almost done but I would love to have feedback on what I can do to improve it. To be honest, I don't have any prior knowledge with composing nor music t

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I've been mentioning in another discussion that I went through a period during the pandemic, writing what I called postcards, usually pieces that fit on a half a sheet of paper, then posting scrolling videos on Facebook. During that time, I was teach

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The War Against the Machines

This piece is my attempt at making a thrilling battle score! I tried to keep momentum going as the battle mounts, and took the feedback I've been given here to keep some recurring references to motifs throughout, but with some variations! Overall I'm

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