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    • Thank you Jon,


      I really liked both of those French songs. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for listening and commenting. 





  • Very nice, Saul. One of my favorites I've heard from you so far.

    I am curious, with these Ballades and Fantasies, Nocturnes, etc., are they spontaneous expressions of yourself, or do you typically notate these and work out the whole piece? Sometimes your works feel more developed and structured, while others tend to feel very improvisational and free form.

    • Thank you David,

      This particular piece was worked out before recording. Which means I had the basic structure and themes developed prior to recording, and no I didn't notated it.


      As for some others pieces, yes sometimes I just record myself playing the entire piece in a spontaneous manner. 


      Thanks for listening and glad you liked it.





  • Oh, Saul, this piece just lets me melt away! Surely one of your very best works!!!


    • Thanks a lot Gerd!

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