Xmas Puzzle

Hey folks, here's a musical puzzle to solve. Listen to the piano music with the score and see if you can guess the very well known Christmas song that is embedded within.  Hint - the tune is not played in a straight forward way.  If you figure it out,  please refrain from posting the solution just yet as I will post it before Xmas but do let us know if you've sussed it.

Here's the link to an mp3 and score.....Xmas Puzzle 2023

 The link is good for a week from time of posting. If any of you see this too late, just post here and I'll refresh the link.


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    • I would be most surprised but if you can point me to a clip with the music in question, I'll be able to confirm one way or the other.


  • a big clue -- this is particularly associated with the St. Lucia (celebrating when the afternoons start to get longer again) festival on Dec 13th in the country of origin.

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