Just for listening enjoyment: Under Sail

I just posted a playlist of this three movement piece, but I can't see how anyone could find it to listen on this site. So, I'm bringing it up here as well. (If you know how to find a playlist, it is on this site.) A brief description:

The 1852 journey of a British flagged medium clipper ship from Charleston SC, to Jamaica including a barroom brawl, through a storm in the Bay of Biscay and finally to the English Channel and home!

This is the closest I have come to writing "movie Music". It is very descriptive, so exercise your imagination; it's just for fun! If you'd like to see the full textual description of the content of the music, please go to my SoundCloud page - the full text is there.


Please let me know how you enjoyed it!


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  • Like with your former pieces, I can't get the sound right. It's high and sharp, and themes seem to disappear in the noise. It must be my headphone. I remember you wrote once that your music productions sound fine on your headphones, so I'm going to order a new one. Then I will have to listen again. What headphones do you use, if I may ask?

    • Hi Rowy,

      Thanks for listening. I appreciate it. Yes, I have to imagine that what you are using to listen is not quite up-to-snuff. The headphones I use are ESS 422. They are very clean across the audio spectrum. Unfortunately, they are no longer available. I would suggest that you look into a pair of planar magnetic headphones. They range in price from under $300 to the thousands. This technology is noted for its cleanliness of sound as well.



    • Thanks, Ken.

    • Hi Jon -

      I agree. I spent most of my life listening to music with speakers in a moderately live room, and would love to still be doing that! (And listening to it at naturally full orchestral volume when appropriate.) Now, however, the neighbors would complain, so I'm stuck with headphones. All you can do is try to find headphones that are full range neutral as possible and as clear articulating as possible.

      My music is, at times, rather complex in texture, (I'm no Charles Ives, but can approach this at times). This is why I often use staccato or accented articulations. I need to have the theme heard, but I also need those individual notes to get out of the way, so the background textures / motives can be heard as well. Some find this hard edged, but I'm working for transparency even in the complex.



  • Hi Ken. Just click the "music" tab in the navigation bar (at the top of every page in the forum), then click the "create playlist" at the top right. It's in bright yellow font, so you can hardly miss it.

    • Hello Kristofer -

      Thanks for the info. I did create a playlist using the tab and the yellow font direction. I only see four playlists shown on the playlist page. Where are the rest of them to be found? Can they be seen like the first four? If so, I'd like to edit my playlist by adding a graphic, but can't see how that is done either.



  • You hit on a related problem here: how to get to a list of my submissions (music / scores). There's no way to check whether a piece I'm about to submit has been posted before - something I might have changed - ok it isn't the same piece but it could be substantially the same. I don't want to present the same piece twice (or more).


    • Kristofer will remember that I complained about this forum before. It's free though, so it will have to do. And you can always post your music on SoundCloud like Ken is doing. I prefer to put my music on my website. That gives me full control, also thanks to a very dear friend of mine who is a professional web developer. She takes care of all the complicated stuff.

    • Rowy -

      What a blessing to have a friend who is a web developer! My wife and I still have our website up from our former profession, (raising 100% grass fed American Bison and selling the meat), but it is old now and needs updating, (like telling people we are retired), but we can not even begin to guess who we should use for this work. Too many out there are incompetent or greedy, or both. How can you ever know who can do a good job for less than an arm and a leg?



    • It will always cost you an arm and a leg. I asked my friend once what her work would have cost me if I hired her through her company. I wished I hadn't asked. Just to make sure I told her what good friends we are, for more than 25 years, and how lucky we both are to have such a reliable friend.

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