• for me, this is the most haunting and atmospheric of your posted works to date -- more subtle and less "obvious" than Flanders Fields for instance. Hope you manage to get it performed live where I'm sure the saxophone sounds would have more character.

    • Thank you for the kind words. This was actually a commission for a recital being performed in April. I will be sure to post a performance recording here.

      • yes, I saw that it was a commission and so assumed you might get a performance. I'd certainly like to hear the live recording when done.


  • Hello Brandon,

    I really enjoyed listening to your new piece for sax. choir. As I was listening I thought: this would be a great piece for a college group and then noticed it was written for a Florida university. This should be great for that venue. Do you have a performance date from the University yet?

    I Especially enjoyed the tonal cluster and semi-rite of spring-like sections. This should be great fun for the kids to play!

    Good work!


  • Wonderful Brandon, really well crafted and some awesome applications of a variety of harmonic languages. It's going to be something special when performed, most certainly. Please do share the recording with us or on your channel once it is completed, it would be great to hear. 

  • Hi Brandon. This held me the whole way.. The piece unfolds quite naturally, almost in slow motion,  deliberate and measured, in that unfolding.

    Beautifully done, and captivating.  I also enjoyed your splashes of extended harmony in the piano interlude, before the last section.

    It was a pleasure! Thanks for posting. 

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