Indigo for Wind Ensemble

I've never worked on a piece of music for as long as i've worked on this. I hope it shows, and I appreciate any and all feedback. The score in the video is still unedited, so apologies for any difficulty reading. I've been a member on the old forum for a few years so I figured this was a good piece to start off my account here with.

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  • For me, simply an accomplished work that held my interest throughout. It evolved naturally through a number of moods. A wonderful concert piece.
    I'd have liked a few moments more recap of the energy of the start but that's just me.

    The rendering basically sounded fine. Unfortunately, the way the score was presented didn't allow me to pause and look at a few things in more detail but I felt there were times when the brass overwhelmed what seemed various subsidiary phrases and decorations, relegating them to the background.
    Obviously I can't know whether this was intentional. Just from listening to many notation-performing pieces here n elsewhere I guessed getting the dynamics exactly as one wants them is difficult. I don't know yet how this applies to these latest noteperformer evolutions. As I said, I was unable to see the score (without dealing with it page by page and turning my screen into portrait mode.

    No matter, a great piece that deserves concert performance.
  • not particularly my sort of music but very well written and, even more importantly, with a variety of mood and kind of tenderness in places which was curiously compelling. .
  • I'm guessing it's intentional, but I didn't hear any particular theme or melody throughout, but I did hear a variety of very nicely-rendered moods. (If this wasn't intentional, maybe there's work to be done in bringing out the themes more?). Liked how the orchestration brought out different moods in each section.
    • I second that. I was waiting for a clear melody too. When it didn't happen, I got the feeling this was a long intro. However, after a couple of minutes, the composition started to sound like an opening theme for a TV series, followed by the background music, especially from a series in the eighties or nineties. If Brandon had a story in his mind when writing this, he might have nailed it. But it would help if he shared that story with us.
  • I liked it a lot. The freneticism and fluid movement between ideas and colours evoked action-adventure movie underscore for me, which I certainly don't mean as an insult - you'll find a lot of great and complex music written under action scenes, and a lot of my inspiration to compose comes from that era. Can't comment on the score as it's currently written for ants :) though, not being a wind ensemble expert, I might not be of much help even if I could see it.
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