I'm on the radio soon. Bonzer!

My piece Callisto is being played on the Californian classical music station Classical KUSC on Friday 3rd, around 8am PDT on Jennifer Miller Hammel's morning show (4pm GMT for UK people, and google will sort it out for anyone else). If there's enough of a bump in listeners, I speculate, they might get me back on again. What could you have to lose? Aside from twelve minutes of precious time?https://www.kusc.org/shows/the-kusc-morning-show

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  • "the coolest thing I heard on the radio this week" Well it was certainly interesting to hear a new radio station which struck me after around half an hour of being a sort of Californian Classic FM. However did you get involved with it?

  • How did it go, Dave? I can't receive that station in my country, but was there a 'bump'?

    • It seems perhaps Dave has forgotten he asked people to listen to this. I tried to find the work on his website but without success as it might be interesting to put Callisto into context (and I can't really remember the piece now anyway so would like to hear it again).

      In general the activity level on this forum has dwindled to virtually zero which makes me wonder why people join if -- with a few laudable exceptions -- they can't be bothered to contribute in one way or another?

    • I hadn't forgotten. I can only post replies on my phone, which puts me off doing so in many situations. I appreciate you listening - I had my piece "Hiraeth" played on KUSC in 2021 and I got back in touch late last year with the presenter regarding this new suite. 

      For various reasons the full mockups aren't on my site yet. If you search "Callisto dexter score" on youtube you can find the whole thing, though a slightly outdated version.

      Personally I think the forum should have a broadly enforced policy of only posting music if you then comment on someone else's, or their posts. It's something I try to do, though not well enough, because we could both drown this forum in our own works if we so wished. One member conspicuously uses the forum to tout their own music whilst taking no part in other discussions. It's not ideal. 

    • explanation accepted, Dave -- I'll do a YouTube search as suggested. As for your last paragraph -- I wouldn't disagree, there! There are plenty of people on certain other forums (esp. TC) who are just the same). Of course some of us are better critics than others and I don't think it's one of my strong points but to me, being a member of a forum at least means taking some interest in what others are posting.


    • It's the same in all forums. It was even like that in the old newsgroups and bulletin boards. There's always a small band of people who post regularly and keep a forum alive. That doesn't mean the rest of the members aren't interested. As for touting your own music, I must say I am a bit bothered by members who hijack a thread to push their own music. By the way, have I told you about my latest work yet?

    • no, do tell!


    • I'm studying TCL/TK. I've decided to challenge the AI experts with a combination of AI and an expert system. For that purpose, I need 100 compositions in my own steady style in midi. I'm almost there. As you might have guessed, I'm getting a bit bored with music and I'm not a big fan of bingo or daytime TV, so it's time for drastic measures.

      Being a pensioner is hard.  You've got to be made of stronger stuff, you know, if you want to be a pensioner.

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