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one of the forms of music least often heard on forums seems to be choral music -- especially of a sacred nature.The situation is not helped by the fact that only one company, EWQL, has actually bothered to create choirs that can sing free text in a standard .vst format to be used on notation software or a DAW. And these choirs are hardly ideal. Nevertheless, it's still far better than the alternative of singing just vowels which gives no idea at all of the musical content. One or two of the better choirs (such as Dominus which one or two people I respect use) do have a list of phrases which gets rather closer and the sound can be quite nice but to me it's still unsatisfactory. 

Anyway, my own Requiem was originally written a few years ago but I recently read the text "Recordare Jesu Pie" which in some settings is part of the Dies Irae -- for instance in Britten's War Requiem it's a separate section -- and is for me the most poetic section. After finishing, I decided it would fit in quite well with what I originally wrote and indeed becomes the centrepiece. I then added a "Libera me" to bring the work into a better scale comparable with famous examples like Fauré or Duruflé. These two central movements add a string quartet or small chamber ensemble to what is otherwise just an a capella work. To hear just the new addition(s), please start at 11'22" as that will only take 10 minutes of your precious time instead of 38. There is a new Reelcrafter link which goes straight to the most recent works for ease of navigation   Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to give this a bash!

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    • the link itself is fine -- dunno why it didn't work from the context in the original post. I tested the one above and that seems fine.


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    • well I can make out plenty of the text but of course the fact that the music is often contrapuntal means you only occasionally hear it distinctly. Even with a real choir, you often can't work it out and the EWQL choirs have their limitations. The Cantamus choir is wonderfully clear -- you can hear virtually every word -- but this choir is not a vst and the only way to get a rendering is to upload a file to their website with no control over the outcome and a few bugs--- I posted an example on my music page of the "Lux Aeterna" which you may have listened to.


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