• Do you mean you can't read the drop down menu -- the "36 pt ... etc"?  If so, I believe the only recourse is to make the whole screen bigger, and this depends on what device and web browser you are on.  Most devices and browsers have ways of enlarging the whole screen, but this varies among them.

    • The discussion is in reply to a member who left a message on my page, which I paraphrased in the title. I thought I'd post it as a discussion, so that the next member who asks can be directed to the discussion topic. Otherwise, I have to answer the same question individually, each time it's asked.


  • Members whould be made aware that they have a certain amount of control of the theme of the site. I find the light blue links hard to read on a gray background, so I've turned them yellow. It seems that not all of them have changed, but many have. You can also change some of the font sizes, and even what font it uses. I think you can even change what theme it uses altogether.

    • Actually, it appears that you can onl change your own page. It isn't site wide.

This reply was deleted.

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