Further Beethoven sketch realisations

May I introduce you to my latest realisation of some marvelous Beethoven sketches ? At the end there is a Scherzo which I think is one of Beethoven's best! 

Can you imagine this to be done from these original sketches?

--> https://youtu.be/BVB_Jmak2Do?si=v9ZTLO8JfPkjFdNr

Here my realisation:


What do you think?


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  • my honest opinion is that virtually none of this music rises above the strictly routine. Perhaps others will have a different view in which case it would be good if they say something. For me, even the stuff Beethoven wanted to publish is of minimal interest much before around 1800. But if you enjoy doing this, I see no harm in it. Perhaps there is some genuine inspiration somewhere among discarded sketches.

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