Hi, I started today the orchestration/completion of the exposition of an abandoned Beethoven draft for a a triple concerto apparently for violin, cello and piano, which predates the familiar Triple Concerto or at least a concerto for violin and Cello - this is so exiting! May I challenge you to try the same?
Here you find the available draft: https://unheardbeethoven.org/search.php?Identifier=gard3 (mp3 and midi --> "Continuity Draft and Score Fragment")
Could you develop a vision for this work ? It certainly takes some good imagination :-)
Greetings Gerd

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  • It's an interesting idea, but I think too much work for me. I spent some time orchestrating a Beethoven piano sonata movement last year. That was fun but more than enough Beethovenian cosplay for me. wink

  • Now after only about 2 weeks I am happy to have  finished the movement on the basis of the mentioned draft: Let me please know your thoughts :-)






  • with 335 unknown works by Beethoven, you've certainly got a lifetime's work there. I suspect only a handful are actually really worth doing anything with but if you have fun doing it, why not. For what it's worth, there are a few ideas in this material worth resurrecting, I think, and I enjoyed the listen.

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