Warcraft Trailer

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This is a small video Chris Merritt and I teamed up on. Music is composed by Chris, sound design and mix is mine.

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  • Being a World of Warcraft fanboy to some degree I've seen a lot of trailers and cinematics from all portions of the game and expansions, yet I don't think I've seen this one before. As with all final products Blizzard Entertainment endorses, this is purely spectacular in every way. The score is phenomenal and the effects are as fitting as they always are. It is an honor to meet someone who has put work into the music of this already timeless classic game. I can only imagine how amazing it if for you to have had a hand in the evolution of this amazing adventure.
  • Sound design and overall mix is mine. The talented Chris Merritt is responsible for the original composition and music mix. Ahmad, thank you for your kind words. I hope to sample some of your music in the next day or so. I'm ashamed I've put it off this long. God, family, day job, then music. Things used to be simpler when music was my day job-- and before I had kids! They are a wonderful complication, though-- absolutely amazing. Do you have kids?
  • Aw shucks. Anything sounds good after Ed gets hold of it.
  • Thanks guys.
    Bob, I love your answer! Plausible deniability? Or just can't remember : )
    Merritt's compositions are always a treat to work with. Thanks for the feedback.
  • I can't confirm or deny. But that sound still works and although it's become cliche to all of us, it'll probably be around for some time until something else suppants it. BTW, the sound design is great, the score is great. It has total cinematic production values and works perfectly together.
  • I usually modify the any sound samples I use, but I just really loved the sword swish sound I used on the title transitions "as is"... I wish I had changed it because I hear this same effect in EVERYTHING. It's way over-used. The first time I heard it used outside this trailer was in the movie Underworld. I chuckled because they used it to transition to the "dream sequences" / flash-backs.
    I've heard it in a dozen movies since then, and countless tv commercials. I think it's from the Noise Generator library. Can anyone confirm?
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