Tiny Bouncing Objects 2 Animated Music Video New Age

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Tiny Bouncing Objects 2 Animated Music VideoWhen I set out to create the animations in my original Tiny Bouncing Objects video I had no idea how much of a task I had given myself. In reality it wasn't that I was trying to do something exceedingly difficult, I just wasn't using the correct tools to do the job.This project became a possibility in large part because of 2 amazing projects. The program I used to create and render all of the models within the video is called "Blender". This is a free 3D modeling and rendering application which has features equal to many expensive 3D suites available. Setting up manual keyframes is what killed the original Tiny Bouncing Objects animated music video. Thanks to a brilliant man named Pawel Adamowicz and his amazing python addon for Blender called "MIDI Driver", I was able to bring my vision to full life in this new, remixed version of Tiny Bouncing Objects 2.0Of course my work is inspired by the king of all music animation videos, Animusic. Ever since I first viewed his work I have been awe struck and inspired by it. Now it is my turn to get my hand into this amazing form of music and graphic art.

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