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My latest film score - albeit 2 minutes long! This is a time lapse film I made in 1986 on Super 8mm while a member of the University film-making club, Wessex Films. It did have a soundtrack from an album by Sky ("A Girl In Winter").I was recently contacted by the Students' Union and they would like to use it on a DVD to show to next year's new students, so I've helped them to avoid copyright issues by scoring it myself :)

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  • Thanks Jacob! I can sort of see what you mean about Elgar, but this falls way short of that standard, of course :| As I've said, it was a rushed job. Hopefully I will one day post something better that I've scored, but with video there's always the copyright problem, unless you've filmed it yourself. Hmmmm... maybe I should make a film - now there's a thought...
  • Brilliant!
    Reminds me a little of the opening of Pomp and Circumstance (the full version, not the graduation one).
  • Hi Ray, and thanks for stopping by. You're absolutely right - this was done in Sibelius with Garritan Personal Orchestra last year, and it was done in a bit of a hurry, if I'm honest. I work in different ways now, and I have a breath controller, the BC3a, which I find very useful for getting a more human feel and expression.
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