Snowfall for harp

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Well, I decided to turn the piano "Snowflake Waltz" into a transcription for harp as well, as it seemed suitable to represent the falling snowflakes.... (not the best harp sound on Sibelius) but here it is anyway. Just have to contact a harpist to double check it, before I unleash it fully,....think it's ok, but always best to involve a player.... especially where harp writing is concerned ! (Even Sibelius' harp parts have to be changed by harpists to make them playable, according to one player I used to know !

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  • Thanks Ingo, glad it gave you some pleasure. well, I did know a harpist, but have really lost touch, although another friend is still in touch with her. However, I put a post out on my old  music college Facebook Group page, and two harpists have come forward with the offer to check it over for me.... that will give me peace of mind at least....or else i will have to re-write chunks of it, to make it work ! 

  • Very nice Suzzane, I like it.  I'm no harpist but it sounds playable and certainly is suitable for harp. You are fortunate to know a harpist, there are some online resources also I guess. Good work!

  • Glad you like it.... yes, good idea about the intro. It worked ok as a piece of music, but I agree, the film starts rather abruptly. Will, eventually get round to it at some point, once I get back to working on the little films again. Thanks for the idea !

  • Hi Suzanne, this is short but enchanting. If I may make a suggestion... take 2-3 bars you have towards the end of this and use them as an intro/lead in, and then slightly slow this down, more like a peaceful slow and delicate snowfall. Just a suggestion, and my ear and opinion. Happy Harmonies     RS

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