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clips scored by Adrian Peek

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  • Thanks Phil! Cue 1 was by direction (you know how that goes!) Director wanted the "oh" by itself in cue 4. The guy/cat is a clip from a dark indie comedy, maybe you'd have to see the whole thing to 'get' the scene. There and a half stars out of how many, M8? BTW the Director HATED cue 2! Go figure! Cheers!
  • Hi Adrian :

    you asked for opinions, so here goes: ( remember, these are only MY reactions and no more )

    1. cue 1 @ approx .:33, the shaker starts with no obvious indication of a place to start. The style of the cue seems more ominous that humoresquely frantic. @ 1:09 the percussion conflicts with the dialog.lAlso - why didn't you pause the music when the mother first appears ? ( sorry -this cue doesn't work for me. )

    2. Cue 2 @ 1:53 .. MUCH better! The style and atmosphere of the score fits the picture . The hit @
    2:43 and the chaange of texture is dead on! great cue!!

    3 Cue3 = It seems that you might have been going after a Bernard Herrman vibe here, but your hamonic language seems to beg for a bit more dissonance in places -overall, a pretty good cue!

    4. cue 4 = good choice of starting point and overall, a nice David Newman-ish cue ( my only nit to pick here is why did you cut off the cello note @
    5:49 to let the "oh" be in the clear -rather than holding it through ( with a decrescendo ) into the following scene ?..keep in mind: I know nothing of the story or the directors wishes )

    Overall, the reel is pretty good, with a few cues I dont get ( like the guy being attacked by the cat -what's up with that ? ) the balace of the scores show appropriate sensitivity to the dramatic needs of the picture.

    I give three and a half stars ..its got a good beat and you can dance to it! ;)

    Phil Kelly
    NW Prevailing Winds
    SW Santa Ana Winds
    Origin Records
    Phil Kelly Music
    Composer and arranger Phil Kelly's website includes music, CDs, bio, reviews, teaching
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