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Luminati - the first official game by Morningdew Media. It's basically a connect-4, but with powerups and sleek design. The game was created by me, Hans Rönnbäck and my brother Nicklas Holmgren. I did all music, sound effects and graphics and maybe 40 % of the programming. The AI was coded by Hans and Nicklas, and Nicklas did most of the heavy duty programming. It was made for a recent flash competition. We're thinking about porting it to iPhone, DSi or maybe Xbox live.You can play the game at:

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  • I dig the spooky ambience here. And while I usually rail on soundscapes, I actualy like the mix between thematic and background pads. It creates a solid ebb and flow, maintaining an air of mystery without wearing out the listener. The music makes the game feel like it's way more than it really is - it maintains an expectant mood. Part of me wonders if it's a little too dramatic for this particular kind of game. At the same time, you showcase your chops very nicely and giving the game more than it needs is better than the other way around.

    Nice sound design, too. They're actually a little heavy for the graphics, but quality is superb. There's a lot of personality in both the music and sound design. Good work.

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