Jason's 1st Symphony with CGI video

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Jason's 1st Sympohony is my first real attempt at composing something that might be played by a live symphony orchestra. Enjoy the concert as you are taken an a flight through the Grand Canyon, view a wonderful tropical sunset, take a trip over Lake Powell, watch some amazing Sun rays from high in the sky, and then ease out by viewing the sunset again. All of these scenes are completely computer generated images (CGI) using Vue 7 Pioneer.The audio in this version is only 96 Kbps. To hear a higher quality 192 Kbps version simply visit my page here on Composer's Forum. Thank you for watching.The D.E.M. for the Grand Canyon comes from the USGS (United States Geological Survey) site. ( http://www.usgs.gov/ )The D.E.M. for Lake Powell was created by me using satellite imagery and Photoshop.D.E.M. stands for (Digital Elevation Map). DEM's are a grayscale image used by artists and developers to generate what is called a mesh. A mesh is a series of hundreds of thousand or more small polygons which form the basic shape of a 3D landscape. The mesh is then covered with what is called a texture. The final product is a simulated 3D world. CGI DEM landscaping is used extensively in most modern games and simulators and in a large number of spectacular movies where real world scenes would become prohibitive to film.Visit my website:http://www.ward-studios.com~ Preview demos of all my albums~ Read about and purchase my albums~ Sign the guestbook!~ Participate in the message forums

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  • Thank you folks! And Jacob, it is in C Major with variations.
  • I love the song, but the visuals chug a bit, but thats probably my computer.....
    What key is it in?
  • good job jason
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