J Joe Townley: Piano Concerto No 2 in C Minor (complete score)

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This orchestral score will eventually replace the earlier orchestral score video labeled "abridged finale" which had numerous glitches.

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  • Wow! I wish I could compose like that! The piano writing is brilliant! You should get it performed. Bravo!

  • Wow, love the brimming energy in your second movement!

    Also like how the last movement incorporates motifs from the preceding movements. The ending was one powerful climax, that I'm sure the electronic rendition doesn't do justice to. If only I could hear this played in a live concert...

  • Listened to the first movement. This is indeed a fine work!! Very much has the flavor of Rachmaninoff, but with its own spice to it. I'll have to come back to hear the rest of it when I have more time.

    And IMNSHO, one can't have "too many Rachmaninoff piano concertos", if they are all of this quality!

  • I AM hopeful somewhat because of a private conversation I had with a local conductor of some reputation who I was discussing the possibility of a premiere with. He told me, "Privately, Joe, I have to say it's a fine work. It could stand next to the MacDowell 2nd in terms of quality. But professionally, I have to ask, 'Do we really need a Fifth Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto?' " So for him to think the concerto is comparable in quality to the MacDowell gives me hope that perhaps attitudes toward Neo-Romanticism might change. The audio in this is wretched because the screen-capture program mutilated it. A much better-quality audio can be heard here:


    Listeners' reactions:
    "...the [opening] theme sounds absolutely epic. I think this almost reaches the level of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concert No. 2 "
    “...this equals if not beats the Saint-Saëns G-Minor Piano Concerto."
    "...probably one of the best "romantic" piano concertos of the XXIst century..."
    " I was blown away by your piano concerto. The composition is brilliant! "
    "  I love the orchestration and the virtuosic piano passages. +5 "
    " Beautiful harmonies...The overall energy of the [last] movement is fantastic!"
    " I was so enthralled by the opening movement that I just listened to the whole piece at once. "
    " A masterpiece. "
    " OMG!!! did you compose this??! It completely amazed me from the first seconds. It's like a Rachmaninoff concerto, but it's still your style, your creation. I loved it. Thank you"
    " I could listen to it 100 times."
    "...this sounds simply brilliant. "
    "...I'm just amazed! Beautiful sir! well done! "
    "...let me thank you for this piece. "
    " I have to say I love your piano concerto!"
    " A masterpiece! - beautiful work!"
    " It's a great concerto. BRAVOOOOOOOOOOO!!! "
    " Beautiful!! Bravissimo!! "
    " Your concerto is awesome!! "
    " This is really awesome! "
    " Wow!! Just Wow!! Two thumbs up!! "
    "...let me thank you for this piece. "

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