Interpretations on Folk Melodies for Orchestra

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This is a sight-reading session of an original piece, Interpretations on Folk Melodies, re-arranged for full orchestra. Due to the very difficult nature of the piece, the orchestra had to start and stop a few times. I merged sections from both the first and second reading to make this video. This piece was originally written as a Saxophone Solo which can be found here: notes:"Interpretation on Folk Melodies is my first real attempt at writing a piece using quotations. I drew inspiration from other composers like Ives and Hulen that have used quotation in their music as well as artist that used collage in their art such as Darger and the artist of the Dada movement. The quotations used came from a piece I played in middle school band, church hymns I knew growing up, and pieces I heard here and there throughout my life. Some of the quotes include Merry had a Little Lamb, Hymn of the Republic, I've Been Working On the Railroad, Sing Low Sweet Chariot, Camp town Races, Joy to the World, many other. "-Written by Tyler Justin Hughes

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