Holdin' on to Everyday Life

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Big Band performance at Dazzle Jazz & Supper Club, Denver CO, sponsored by The Gift of Jazz
copyright 2010 Janet Spangenberg (Please contact for permissio...

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  • For spiritual fun.

  • Ever translate one of your composition lyrics into Japanese or Korean and teach it to a choir? Very interesting and inspiring,

  • White milk toast. You need to go to the Projects in an Apostolic African Amierican Welfare Church and get some music in your ears.

    But at the Methodist Church of the caucasion Dental Hygene This would thrill them for a show, but be forgotten after the dinner party and never heard again.

    P.S. Get some lyrics. Boring after the umpteenth time.

  • WOWZA…I really like your sound.  Now for my brutish comments.

    Seems you are very concentrated on making sure every chorded phrase is pleasant.  Your chord structures seem   

    ready for stop time styling in your bridges.  A very catchy melody.  Almost like a Music Theater Piece. At the ending it was like ….I want to hear more from your pen through those saxophones, I want to hear more "wall of sound" exposition on the theme.

    Bad points,  Tuxedo's are expensive, but I like a Big Band WELL DRESSED!  Not picnic after the show izods.

    More, I want more, give me more…..

  • You have talent, keep at it!

  • I'm glad you liked it Gav, that was a fun night!

  • An enjoyable tune!

  • Thanks for the visit and the comments, Vlad!
  • Hei, live music is the best! I like ,its good traditional jazz, only then play guitar-solo,I think you need to put piano to. its to poor only guitar. That it.
    Good work, good band!!!
  • This is performed by a 17 piece Big Band at Dazzle Jazz Supper Club in Denver, Colorado, 11-16-2010. Some of the musicians had a 10 minute rehearsal, others are seeing the music for the first time.
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