Fanfare (From Runescape) Orchestral March

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In a city protected by the white nights of Fallador Castle, there is much to be contented by. A financially rich and beautiful city with a fair and strong king to lead. But, there may be secrets lurking about, and beneath the city, the mines are often troubled.Fanfare features 2 Strong central themes, one that is very exciting, and one mysterious. It features a piccolo solo on the secondary theme, and a cannon of both themes to end.---I had played the game Runescape for 2 years, and I fell in love with a certain Piece from it, simply titled "Fanfare" I loved the energy and the mystery of it... of course, I was hearing it in like, 16 bit sound... so it wasn't really all that great.So years later here I am writing it out as an Orchestral March. I say orchestral because I included Strings + Harp in the score, but I think it could be done as a field march if you had a synthesizer in the PIT.I have had practice with things before, and I used a lot of elements my band director stresses, especially "Exaggerating" the dynamics. Seeing as this is computer sounds here, I thought I'd TRY to get it close to a real performance. Someone of my status does not usually have access to an orchestra, sooo... yeah.This is also my first time writing a percussion part for 5 bass drums, snare line and cymbals. I used to ignore percussion, but It adds so much, but I feel I am not so good at it.

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