Christopher Jakobi - Essay (2015)

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Christopher Jakobi’s "Essay" for piano and live electronics played by Laura Weber 07/01/15 in Berlin.

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  • Thanks a lot for your very thoughtful analysis, Socrates! I think, there are different ways to divide the piece into sections. For me, the main compositional idea was to use only extreme registers (that is, excluding the whole mid-range) in alternating sequence. So I would say, there are five parts. But of course, there are other parameters, that would lead to other formal structures.

    I think, you found very beautiful words for what I tried to express musically. "declaring their different identities in unity" just hits the nail right on the head. There are parts, when the piano and electronics are doubled, melted or layered, but they never coexist independently. I hope, most of it is transported although the live recording does not have the best audio quality. - Chris

  • I took it as a piece in three or four sections. I don’t know if you view it like this.

    At about 1'50'' when the pitch of the piano starts shifting it becomes more intense, but about 2'50'' the real dialogue between piano and electronics starts to become very particular. It was like declaring their different identities in unity. Very exciting, I thought. Nice rounding up with more concrete sonic difference of what has gone before, but stil reminiscent of 1st section.

    All in all very entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

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