Choral Symphony 2004 - Eulogy Cantata

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The Word I am.......The Prayer - Our MotherA Celebration of Life

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  • Hello Vlad

    Romanian?   Alas no. Just a fantasy!!   

    At least we can communicate, musically

    Seasonal greetings, KPL

  • Hi, Keith. I knew that You are "proffy". Was pleasure to talk about You`r music, only composer that wrote a so complex simphony can anderstand  the huge amount of work You done!

    About romanian - do You speak?

    Best rgrds,


  • Hello Vlad
    Thank you for your very useful comments, and your kind appreciation; (especially in should hear my 'Romanian'!).  
     I understand your points exactly - and please be sure that I expect to have to take plenty of advice - especially from the eventual conductor (hopefully) - in the choral area, and to make all the appropriate changes - without complaining!!! 
    Your reaction is greatly appreciated.....    
    From Keith (ready-for-the-battle) Perreur-Lloyd
  • Hi, Keith. I want to clarify "electronic" I think not quality of sound but performing. In Finale or Sibelius everythink can be perform but in real choir or orchestra there are many problems with ritm, tuning, and understanding the idea, etc. This all are my experience-I have two vocal-simphonic works, many choral works and the concert for choir-acappella. Therefor I think that the choir part are very difficult. Sound great but will be difficult to find a choir being able to interpret this music.

    This are not objections, Your work is a SYMPHONY as subject, composition, arrangement, all together!

    I listened again,


    P.S. Last time I use to listen only in headphones-better to observe details.

  • Dear Chris,

    Re your comment

    I like the concept of this, nice writing, I'd really like to hear it live with a real production, I bet it will be superb

    Thank you for that..!

    Your comment appreciated.  Hope you don't mind if I quote you.

    Any lead in to a real performance that you know would be good.

    Might you know of any choir that might tackle it..... Any choir with close association with a 'worthy' orchestra?


    p.s. I listened to some of your music on your website and can see how it is that you can earn a living from it .... and with the commercial-ness of your work, why of course you are rightly concerned about licensing and potential of 'theft'.

  • Thanks for taking the time to listen to my choral symphony, Vlad.

    I’m glad you like it !


    If one listens through speakers, the recording does sound electronic; so it may useful for anyone considering listening to the work that

    a) the work is scored  for the following voice and instrument parts.

    Chorus and Sopranos, Contraltos, Baritones, plus Narrator.
    Orchestral Instruments:
    Picc., 2 Flute, 2 Oboe, Cor.Ang., 2 Clari.,
    4 Horn, 3 Trump., 2 Tromb., Tuba,
    2 Timp., Cymbs., Bass Dr., Tub. Bells., Xyloph.,
    Vios.1, 2, Violas, Cellos, D.Basses.


    b) the recording has been generated using a Roland Sound Box and if listened via headphones, provides the closest sound to an orchestral performance that you can get……!

    The downside, is that listened to on speakers, the instruments cannot be properly be distinguished from each other… (almost as poor as a midi file!!!)


    Thanks again for your time and comments, and if you have the time to listen to a portion of the work again using ear/ headphones (not speakers!) the experience will be considerably improved .


    (The same applies to my other works which are streamed from my website.)


  • Hi Keith. Interesting situation- your simphony is reely simphonicall work you know the simphony-drama, instrumental and timbral contrast but this is "electronic"work I am not shure that real choir can sing this score. Unfortunatly you wrote for choir "instrumental" I think is not vocal music. And instrumental parts the same. Bealive me for real perform you have to change a lot of in the score. Anyway, congratulation - great work!

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